iNumber Number actor Thulane Shange has revealed that before he saw Thato Molamu bring Generations’ character Nicholas to life, he never thought he would be an actor, but saw the magic in acting through him.

Thulane said he had no “serious” interest in acting but in grade 11, when a character on Generations was always the topic in class, he began to observe Thato’s acting closely.

“Everyone around me had a love and hate relationship with a Generations character called Nicholas. Day after day, he would be a topic in my class and I went home to observe why he intrigued people so much. That’s when I saw the magic in acting. After that I decided to pursue acting,” he said.

The young actor, who has recently stolen the spotlight for his acting skills, went on to study acting at the state theatre.

Later, as his career began, he met Thato but didn’t have the courage to tell him of the fire he had ignited.

“I met him and I greeted him. We had a brief conversation where I told him how I appreciate his art but I didn’t go into detail. I didn’t want to appear like I am a groupie,” he said.

Thulane went on to start acting in theatre plays where he met the right people who advised him to get an agent. After nailing his audition and securing an agent, he soon made it to a locally produced film, Isithembu.

He quickly became a familiar face after he got a role on Is’thunzi and iNumber Number.