Here are 8 things we learnt about the Muvhango actress.

1. She is 28 years old

I was born on the 29th of August 1989. My mom says it was a difficult birth because I didn’t want to come out. I was named after my dad whose name is Given. We’re three girls, with yours truly as the middle child. When mom fell pregnant with me, they’d been anticipating a boy. Funny enough, I look and act like my dad.

2. She is a pastor’s kid

My parents are pastors, and my dad created this church in 1998 in Zuurberkom, west of Johannesburg. Although my dad is a pastor, he always emphasised he was the one called, not the whole family, so it was our choice to go to church or not. He even gave us freedom to choose other religions if we wanted to. He never forced us to go to church because he was a pastor.

3. Duma Ka Ndlovu – creator of Muvhango introduced her to this career

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be an actress, and Duma Ndlovu – creator of Muvhango – introduced me to this career. He’s my mentor and has taught me everything I know about acting and the entertainment industry. My first acting gig was in a play he wrote called The Game. Over the years, he’s held my hand and aided my career. I’m truly grateful for him.

4. She loves Italian food

I have a thing for Italian food; well, food in general. In the industry I’m in, being a size zero is often favoured and deemed sexy. But sexy is all about confidence in my eyes.

5. She’s related to Mbongeni Ngema

Often people ask if I’m related to theatre producer Mbongeni Ngema. The answer is yes. He’s my dad’s uncle. Funny enough, I’ve never had a relationship with him. We worked together on a small production, but I doubt he knew who I was. I introduced myself, but never explained who I was and all that.

6. The love for Oros runs in the family

The juice Oros is a “thing” between my sisters and I. We grew up on it and we still love it to this day. It’s our favourite juice, surrounded by plenty of childhood memories.

7. Muvhango’s Thandaza is like her older sister

Sindi Dlathu has been an older sister to me since I got to know her, not only on Muvhango but from when I started out with The Game. She’s been in the industry for a long time, yet remains so humble; she’s hardly on tabloids or anywhere else dubious for that matter and has maintained that throughout her career. I admire that and have sought to follow in her footsteps when it comes to keeping my private life away from the media. Maintaining privacy, of course, in our industry means you’ll never be the cool kid; but I’m ok with that.

8. She doesn’t like the term yellow-bone

I’m often referred to as such, which is a bit annoying. I’ve never gotten the hype around this term given to light-skinned people. I’m light-skinned, big deal!