AFTER opening several cases against shoplifters, only to see the offenders released with fines, this shop owner got tough.

The businessman was so gatvol of seeing the same people returning to steal from him again and again that he decided to publicly shame them.

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He embarrassed two women on Friday after he bust them stealing coffee and nappies.

He made them stand in the shop with the items they had stolen and placards around their necks saying: “Be careful, we are thieves” written in Zulu!

The owner of the shop in Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun: “My shop is open plan and customers take what they need from the shelves before paying in front. Some people have been taking advantage of this to enrich themselves. This is unfair and I’m losing stock.”

The two women were stopped by security guards after they were seen stealing on CCTV footage. They were told to go back in with the items they had stolen.

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One of the women had hidden a packet of nappies under her dress and was very embarrassed when she was made to take it out in front of everyone.

The other woman had hidden a tin of coffee under her clothes.

The women were told if they refused to stand with the placards around their necks, they would be handed over to the cops. The shop owner eventually felt sorry for them and let them go without involving the law.

“I fined them R500 and I hope this will serve as a lesson for them not to steal again.”

The shop owner said the women were working with two other women, who fled in a blue Toyota Tazz after their friends were bust.