So was Shaka Sisulu, on TV . . . NOW, THEY’RE BOTH HISTORY!

Shaka was shown the exit door at TrendingSA, a show based on trending Twitter hashtags.

This after he allegedly fought with a producer two weeks ago.

TV sources claimed the altercation took place in front of staffers.

One source claimed: “The producer laid a formal complaint with the bosses.

“He complained that Shaka was rude, arrogant and difficult to work with.”

Another source alleged that after the investigation, the powers-that-be felt it was time for them to let Shaka go.

“That’s why he didn’t know anything about it. They told him just before last week’s show. And he seemed shocked by the news,” said the source.

This insider claimed Shaka presented his final show last Tuesday.

But producers were mum about his departure when the SunTeam contacted them.

A third anonymous TV source said the show brought social media onto live TV and was celebrating its success of more than 200 episodes.

“They had a witty way of discussing relevant issues while they were trending on Twitter,” said the insider.

Another source said the show would go on without Shaka, but his replacement had not been announced yet.

“Tshepo Maseko used the show’s birthday party to announce that Shaka would be leaving the show.

“And he hinted that Musa Mthombeni might be replacing him,” said the source.

Shaka co-hosted with Pabi Moloi, Kuli Roberts and comedian Nina Hastie.

“He also made a speech, but didn’t say much about why he was leaving the show,” said the source.

When the SunTeam contacted Shaka, he didn’t want to talk about the issue.

All he was prepared to say was: “Don’t write about this! Because if you do, I’ll remember it.

“I feel like it’s nobody’s business as to why I’m leaving. If I wanted viewers to know, I’d have used the platform to announce it.”