Here is my response to the Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula

Thank you Minister for your attempt to reach me on 18/07/2017 for the first time ever since my nightmares started. For your record let me state the following facts:

The crime intelligence did my security assessment more than two months ago after the death threats. Two cases were opened in Limpopo in March 2017 and the other in Hillcrest in April 2017. The SAPS and Parliament failed to provide my protection. Instead the ANC Chief Whip's office accused me of extreme-ill discipline. After challenging your reckless statement at the ANC Policy Conference, 2017.

The Minister himself (Mbalula) fueled the threats. He also joined those who wanted to eliminate me and have me dismissed or expelled from the ANC for choosing to uphold not just the RSA constitution but that of the ANC. My only sin is defending the ANC mission and not amoral leadership which is heading the ANC to extinction.

Instead of receiving assurance for protection the Minister of Police referred ANC MPs like myself suicide bombers and threatened them with expulsion should they vote in favour of a no confidence vote on the President. To me this explained why the death threats on my life and family were never taken seriously by the SAPS.

I chose to respond to your utterances as SAPS had failed to provide support to me. For responding to your reckless pronouncements I was accused of extreme-ill discipline. The Chief Whip called for the ANC to charge me.

When threats escalated to my children and I was given 21 days to live, I posted the threats on my Facebook wall. I lost faith in SAPS and Parliament. I chose not to die in silence.

This resulted in Daily Maverick uncovering the fact that the number used to send death threats to me was linked to the BLF. The Minister accused me of not helping the investigation when I made my threats public. Truth be told had I relied on your department those behind my death threats would not have been uncovered. I would have joined the endless list of assassinated ANC comrades whose cases have not been solved to this day. Police had failed in months to ascertain this fact if at all they ever tried.

Notwithstanding these facts the Minister's office continued to lie in public about being in contact with me. It was the first time on 18/07/2017 that the Minister and Parliament tried to reach me. The strangest thing is a miraculous case number I received yesterday. I never opened a case yesterday.

As you would probably know on the 29 May 2017, I attended a book launch with former President of Nigeria, Obasanjo in Durban, the ANCYL EThekwini region decided to publish my home address on social media threatening to protest at my house and at a the aforesaid function. Since then I have literally become an exile within my own country.

Last week a junior investigator handling my case in Hillcrest police station, Detective Bongani Myeni told me he had no capacity of handling my case. The people he was investigating seem to have all his records. They even told him to focus on the molestation case. He has been trying his best without support and necessary experience.

I never imagined that the ANC would reach this level of paralysis and contamination.

Issued by Dr Makhosi Busisiwe Khoza MP via Facebook, 19 July 2017