Since Smanga and Thabi's sexual scenes took the entire nation by storm Generations has seen itself go through a lot of bad publicity.

Fans of the soapie were so shocked by the soapies sexual content that they even took their complaints to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission (B.C.C).

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The result of their complaints led to the soapies weekend Omnibus getting canceled for 1 weekend.

However, the executive creator of the soapie, Mfundi Vundla has come to the soapies defense, claiming that whoever watches the soapie is not entirely his responsibility but that of everyone.

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Speaking to Drum magazine he said:

"They can switch to another channel the content is not for family consumption - there is a warning. But just as I have a responsibility, parents also have a responsibility, I can't take the blame that I am corrupting the children of South Africa, that I will not take."

Mfundi went on to apologize for the sexual content and has promised not to display such scenes on television.

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"Wisdom comes with taking responsibility and feeling remorse and regret, I apologize for offending everyone I will never do it again." Said Mfundi

He further told the publication that the backlash from the public took him by surprise as him and his team's intentions were not to shock the nation but to simply tell 'exciting stories.'

Mfundi Vundla hopes that through Generations, him and his team will continue to educate the public about the many social issues that our country is currently facing