“I have never shared this with anyone before…” Vusi Thembekwayo

Business Mogul, “Rock star” of public speaking and global motivational speaker Vusi Thembekwayo is well known for all he has achieved in the business world. The “Rock star” of public speaking has opened up quite extensively about his life but on Real Talk with Anele.

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Vusi opened up about his past and how when he was in primary school he was promoted ahead of his peers because he “had the ability to retain information”. When he went to Benoni High School he was pushed back two years (grades) because he didn’t know how to speak Afrikaans. He tried to fight this but ended up accepting it.

“My father and I had the most amazing relationship… I would say a relationship where I could relate to him at a peer level but I was always very clear that ubaba. The only reason I accepted it was because my father asked me what is the rush?.”

Vusi was not shy about sharing how he grew up and also praised his mother for having the strength to raise him and his siblings after his father passed on. Though the business man also share something he said he had never share before

“I have never shared this with anyone before but on opening day when we went to Benoni High, I was wearing my father’s suit.” He said. “It’s hard when you stand there and there’s rows and rows of kids and they are all looking at you like you come from a different planet but that’s all I could wear. Do you know what I mean? That was it.”

He also shares that he understood why he was at school and that was for the education. It all worked out for his goof though because Vusi is an extremely successful man. He was ranked 1st in Africa for public speaking and 3rd in the world by the time he was 20 years old. Vusi Thembekwayo has gone on to run company divisions, is the youngest of directors of a listed company and he is the CEO of an investment and advisory firm