Ayanda Ncwane Remembers Her Husband On Their 10th Anniversary! Ayanda Ncwane and her late husband Gospel star Sfiso Ncwane would have celebrated ten years of marriage on the 30th of June.
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To honor the day, Ayanda shared a love letter to her husband on Instagram and it has us all in our feels.
 Read it below.
“A love letter to my husband: The 30th Of June 2007 I said I DO! Thank you my husband for the greatest memories in my entire life. We could be celebrating our 10th Year anniversary today. But God’s plans were different. I will forever deeply love you. And the more I realize you are never coming back home, I begin to fall in love with you over and over again. How i wish to hold you in my arms once more, smell your cologne, kiss you one last time and tell you i love you, only God knows. How i wish someone could just call me and tell me, i am having a bad dream or it was all a prank. My everyday prayer to God is that, we meet some day. On your last journey I dressed you in a white suit because you always told me the “white suit” makes you feel like you are ready to meet God. I hope heaven is a happy place like how you always pictured it. Each time i had dreamt of you I smile for days. I love you babe ❤️ and i will never get used to the sad fact that you are no more. The boys and i are soldiering on. I am doing my best to fulfill your wishes while continuing with my own assignment on earth. Its not easy but God is guiding me my love. Till we meet again Great husband, Gwamanda, Nyamakayishi, Sidlamdaka Nogandaya, the great Igwe of my castle. You died in Christ that alone makes me sleep at night knowing that you shall live again 🙏🏾. From me your wife, MaGumede it was a pleasure sharing our marriage life with you. Rest well my love ❤️. Till we meet again Sthandwa Sami. #TheNcwanez❤️