Woolworths are in a bit of pickle after Facebook users complaint about their outrageous sweet potatoes packaging goes viral. This is what the Facebook user had to say:

Woolworths, we, your customers, don’t want this. Our planet doesn’t need it. Sweet potatoes can go from your shelf to my trolley to my kitchen without ever needing to touch a plastic bag, let alone a plastic tray as well!!!

And then this is the reply received from Woolworths:
The packaging we use is designed to preserve the product throughout the supply chain and we make efforts to use our packaging as efficiently as possible. As such, many of our packaged produce lines are also available in loose format. When considering new recyclable packaging options, we need to ensure that it meets our existing food safety standards, product integrity requirements, and that it sustains the appropriate shelf life of our products to reduce food waste. We’ll continue to work with our suppliers to actively pursue packaging alternatives that reduce the amount of packaging or increasing its recyclability where possible.

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[FYI: this is Woolworths Australia]