The Idols judge would be upset because Ndlozi would have failed to ‘recognise’ him instead.

Trending SA has recently shared a hilarious video of EFF leaders Mbuyiseni Ndlozi and Julius Malema in studio with Somizi Mhlongo and DJ Fresh.

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The four were talking about the disadvantages of having a daughter, though Somizi seemed to know a lot more about it than the rest.

Speaking to Ndlozi, Somizi jokingly said he would kill Ndlozi if he were to go after his daughter, Bahumi, not just because he would have done that, but because Ndlozi would have picked his daughter over him.

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He told the people’s bae if that were to happen, he would punish him by charging a hefty price when he pays lobola.

“Daughters are troublesome,” he tells Ndlozi in the video.

Malema then adds Bahumi told her mother, Palesa Madisakwane, about one of the EFF leaders, and when Madisakwane met Malema, she asked him about it.

But Malema said he denied everything, and said she might have been talking about Ndlozi.

“You will have one – you will know it’s karma,” Somizi tells Ndlozi.