Poor Ndivhuwo put her heart on the line when she asked her friend, Dineo out on last night's episode of Uyang'thanda Na.

And while Dineo turned her down, there were still major life lessons to learn from the fail, like be careful when you compliment your friends on their dress. Seriously!

Twitter went into overdrive during the show as they reacted to the drama on screen with hilarious jokes and memes about what not to do when asking someone out on a date.
So, singletons, take notes.

Check their relationship status
We're not sure if Ndivhuwo was paying attention to Dineo's love life or if she even checked her friend's relationship status on Facebook, but Dineo has a boyfriend whom she has a child with. Eish!
Question every compliment
Friends compliment friends, right? Except when one of the friends fancies the other and is using the compliment to try push the relationship further. 
Sometimes tears won't help
Props to Ndivhuwo, she really tried everything to get Dineo's attention but in the end even pulling the sympathy card didn't work.