Video footage filmed in Cape Town shows a driver of a BMW convertible flying out of the car during a crash on the N2 highway.

Warning: This video contains graphic images.

It remains unclear whether the person involved had survived the crash.

The footage, uploaded onto YouTube by Alex Williamson, shows the BMW appear from the extreme left lane, clipping the front of a silver Kia Picanto as it makes its way across the highway, close to the Langa off-ramp, Rekord East reported.

The BMW then slams into the concrete barrier in the middle of the highway, sending what looks to be the driver into the air.

It was believed that he driver had not been wearing a seat-belt.

The man see flung from a BMW convertible on the N2 highway near the Langa off-ramp in Cape Town has been identified as actor Thabang Sidloyi. Read more.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), which regards South Africa as one of the world’s worst countries for road safety, said safety belts were 99% effective in preventing occupants from being ejected from the vehicle in a crash.

Passengers who are seated at the back of a vehicle and not wearing a seat belt can inflict serious harm on those seated in front, according to the WHO.

The Automobile Association of South Africa and the Bridgestone-backed Committee for Active Road Safety (CARS) said the country’s average seat belt wearing rate for all vehicle occupants was 56%.