“I Feel So Robbed,” Kelly Khumalo On Losing Senzo Meyiwa! Kelly opened up about her life after her boyfriend and baby daddy, soccer star Senzo Meyiwa tragically died in her home back in 2014.

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Speaking to the Fresh Breakfast team, Kelly shared how she delt with losing the man she loved and having the country asking her questions she didn’t know how to answer.

“I feel like I died there with him at that particular time. Because it’s like ‘awu, bengi happy five minutes ago, and the next minute the person that I love the most is gone’. And I’m not just dealing with the loss and the switch, I’m dealing with the entire country who’s bombarding me with a whole lot of things that I’m not responsible for,” she said.

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On whether she’s healed from the tragedy, Kelly says it’s a process.

“It’s a process, and I don’t think I’ll safely say I’ve healed because I’ve got questions I’m like ‘what happened? Why would anyone do such a horrible thing?’ I feel like, I feel so robbed because there are certain things I’ll never have answers to, and I will never be at the place where I feel like I’ve healed.”