King of kwaito Arthur Mafokate's romantic relationship with his artist, singer Cici, has been exposed after a domestic fight that landed her in hospital.

Cici and Arthur Mafokote.

The revelation came after Cici, real name Busisiwe Twala, opened a case of assault against Mafokate, whom she called "my boyfriend" in the police statement. She accused him of dragging her on the street with his car during an argument. The romantic details about the couple had been a subject of speculation after it emerged that Chomee, who was also alleged to be romantically linked to Mafokate, had moved out of his house in Midrand, north of Joburg.

It was said then that Mafokate had been secretly dating Chomee for some time.

Sunday World can reveal today that Mafokate has now let the cat out of the bag and confirmed in his police statement that he and Cici are boyfriend and girlfriend.

According to a police statement deposed by Cici, the domestic fight was prompted by Mafokate. She said he had received a phone call from another woman while they were in the bedroom around 8pm on Thursday.

Mafokate chose to answer the call outside, a move that raised her suspicions that he could be talking to a side chick.

Cici told the police that a few minutes later she heard him giggling and she developed an interest on who Mafokate was speaking to.

Mafokate refused to disclose the identity of the woman on the other side of the line, said Cici.

She said she tried to grab the phone from him, but Mafokate started arguing with her.

Cici adds that after a long struggle to snatch the phone, Mafokate ran outside cursing and got into his car saying she must not argue with him in the presence of children.

She followed him and pleaded with him to open the door of the car to try to resolve the issue .

But, she alleged, Mafokate refused and instead drove off while she was still holding onto the handle.

"He dragged me on the street. I fell and got injured on the left side of my body," Twala said in her police statement.

Police officials at the station revealed that after Mafokate was arrested, he opened a counter charge against Cici.

Spokesman Lungelo Dlamini confirmed that Mafokate was their overnight guest at Midrand police cells for assaulting his girlfriend.

He also confirmed that Mafokate opened a counter charge against Cici .

"He also opened a case of assault against the victim," said Dlamini.

Police said he claimed that Cici assaulted him with chairs and tables while they were wrestling for his phone.

About allegedly dragging Cici with his car, Mafokate allegedly said to police he was not aware she was still holding onto the car when he drove off.

He said the reason he drove off was to try to avoid the escalation of the fight.

Cici was admitted to Waterfall Hospital in Midrand, where she continues to nurse her injuries.

Mafokate was released on R500 bail at the station. The king of kwaito appeared at the Midrand Magistrate's Court on Friday for common assault.

The case was adjourned indefinitely for further investigation. Both Mafokate and Cici could not be reached for commen