There is only one Mr Zuma who features in the Gupta e-mail leaks who appears to have had the balls to defy and thwart the mighty Saxonwold dynasty. This Mr Zuma’s independence of mind so infuriated Tony Gupta on the evening of Monday, October 1, 2012 that he lashed out, labelling the men paid to protect the lavish home as “monkeys”. For this transgression Mr Zuma was threatened with a disciplinary hearing and ordered to undergo “PR training”. By AMABHUNGANE and SCORPIO.
In the #GuptaLeaks this Mr Zuma features as a man unaffected and totally unmoved by the power and the glory of the Gupta family. Employed as a relief guard for the two regular guards, a Mr Matjeke and Mr Ngamntu, at the mighty portals of N5 Saxonwold, this Mr Zuma was accused of not only ignoring instructions from the Guptas, but of being so incompetent that his actions were seen as a very threat to the lives of the family.
From a leaked e-mail on October 4, 2012 from Sahara employee Joleen Roux to Leonard Zaal, General Manager, Gauteng Region, G4S Secure Solutions, it appears as if the Gupta family were expecting a guest on the evening of October 1 when Tony Gupta repeatedly “called the gate” to inform guards to let the guest in.
The following day a senior member of the Guptas’ security detail sent an e-mail to Atul Gupta which was forwarded to Roux. She, in turn, forwarded it to Zaal.
“Good Day Mr. Atul,
As I briefly informed you this morning, there are a few problems with Mr. Zuma, I do not know if these problems occur when he is working day shift. However, the nature of the problems is quite serious.
The more serious concerns is as follows:
1. He is the relief for Mr. Matjeke and Mr. Ngamntu and he is the responsible person for the gate. Yet he always wants to drive, but he was found to be not competent as a driver, by his own manager, although he has got a driver’s license. This is starting to cause trouble between him and the night shift drivers from G4S, because he wants to take over their duties and is not focusing on his own. Furthermore, if he drives there is no one to attend to his duties at the gate.
2. He does not pay attention to his work and is, most of the time, engrossed in some other activity. Monday evening, I was not on duty, but I understand that G4S did not hear Mr. Tony, when Mr. Tony called them repeatedly, to inform them that a guest would be arriving. The incident aggravated Mr. Tony so much that he called them monkeys. Mr. Zuma was the direct cause as I understand from Mr. Henry Ndluvu, Mr. Zuma’s attention was so totally focused on a discussion he was having with Mr. Ndluvu and by this distracting Mr. Ndluvu from his work, neither of them reacted when Mr. Tony called them. Now the G4S night shift feels negative. But if Mr. Zuma was concentrating on his duties, knowing there is a function going on, this would not have happened.
3. He does not adhere to instructions. Wednesday evening you phoned twice on the intercom to inform the G4S officials that they must sit facing the camera in the guard room at all times, yet at 04:30 Thursday morning when I told him that he must face the camera, as per Mr. Atul’s orders, his only answer was that it is morning and that he will not sleep now.
At some point he is going to drive one of the Family’s cars, and he might get into an accident or cause damage to the vehicle. His incompetence might kill an innocent person and/ or a member of your family. And cause a lot of trouble for the Family.
If he does not begin to concern himself with his own duties, it will cause more problems in the future that will be more severe, like allowing access to any person without getting a confirmation from the Family.
Mr. Matjeke said he will speak to their manager when I discussed it with him and I trust Mr. Matjeke to do so, however I feel that if Mr. Zuma’s attitude does not change very quickly it will cause harm to your family, to some lesser or greater extent.
Yours Sincerely”
To which Mr Zaal replied;
“Hi Joleen,
Thank you for bringing the complaint under my attention.
Our Customer Services Manager (Anthony Claassene) visited the premises yesterday at 22:00 to address the complaint received with Mr Zuma.
It was clearly indicated to him that he is not appointed as a driver but as a armed officer at the gate for access control duties.
His PR Skills need to improve. He is scheduled for customer Services Training on the 9th October 2012.
He was also informed that disciplinary action will be taken if the highlighted behaviour does not improve.
This will be monitored and ongoing PR Training will be conducted on him.
Lenord Zaal”
So far, this Mr Zuma, whose first name is never revealed, appears to be the only Zuma who emerges as a defiant figure in the entire sorry State Capture saga.