Actress and television personality Nomzamo Mbatha says that one of the things she is very unhappy with is the fact that most men particulary in Mzansi do not protect women enough.

“We have a problem in this country with men not protecting women. Some men feel entitled to putting a woman and women in danger and they actually don’t even care about it. It’s a societal problem that it runs so deep, that if we had to correct it, I feel it would be hard to know where to start,” Nomzamo says.

Even though Nomzamo says there are great mean in the midst of all the bad ones, she feels more must be done for women and the girl child.

“Women are not protected enough, we are not respected enough, we are not cared for enough, we are not looked out for enough. There are many times men walk past a woman being beaten up by their men and some men feel its okay for women to be corrective raped,” Nomzamo adds.

Nomzamo’s comments comes in the wake of countless deaths of young women throughout South Africa.