While proud polygamist Musa Mseleku loves all four of his wives equally and for the different qualities they have, his first wife will always hold an 'extra special' place in his heart.

During an interview with TshisaLIVE Musa explained why he's not shy about labelling his first wife his "favourite".

Even though Musa avoids any situation that could cause a rift between his wives, he knows that none of this would be possible without his first wife.

"I know I play a big part in maintaining the harmony between my wives but with that being said, I believe the role of the first wife MaCele has to always be respected. Many may say she is my favourite and I have no problem with that because if it wasn't for her, none of this would have happened," he said.

The businessman said he wants people to understand that all his wives are different and their different personalities complete his life.

Musa added that he holds his first wife in very high regard to protect her from people, who may want to belittle her for agreeing to a polygamous marriage.

"People always assume that there was something wrong with the first wife hence the decision to take other wives. That is not the case with me, my wife was just understanding and we knew our love can handle anything," he said.

The business man told TshisaLIVE that he loves all his wives equally but the definition of equal is not the typical one. Musa added that he convinced MaCele into the lifestyle by earning her trust.

"I had to assure her that I would always be true to my word and she had to believe that I am the kind of man who can pull it off," he explained.

He added that only "self-assured and level-headed men" should consider taking multiple wives because "one woman can make or break you, never mind four!"