Thandaza (Sindi Dlathu) is probably wishing that her love life matched her success in the boardroom. The only man who’s lasted the course and come out more or less in one piece is her hubby Ranthumeng (Brian Themba) and that’s being kind. Their marriage has seen more rocky water than Titanic and they’ve almost broken up or divorced every year since they made things official in 2014. Despite their troubles earlier this year – Mam-Prophet (Phumzile Mlangeni) returned in Feb to make Thandaza pay for ruining her cult last year – they’re trying to make things work and plan a vow renewal on Thursday 25 May.

Muvhango is a soapie and there’s no such thing as a perfect onscreen marriage. So it’s no surprise that the vow renewal plan is just a pipe dream and it’s Thandaza who pulls the plug on Wednesday 31 May. “The show’s built around Thandaza’s relationships and the emotional struggle she has in these relationships, plus the ripple effect it has on the family,” says Sindi. Thandaza has too many things on her plate right now and since her marriage is more or less stable (for now), it can wait. First she needs to put a worry aside: on Friday 26 May she gets the feeling that the strange woman in town is someone from her past [we know who it is but we’re not going to ruin the surprise…]

It takes two to tango and the stranger was the reason for the pair’s relationship drama in the first half of 2016. Ranthu cheated on Thandaza and she was in denial, thinking that she was imagining their marital issues. Sindi adds that the storyline “was popular with viewers because it referenced real issues about infidelity and affairs” and got fans talking. Thandaza’s insecurities return on Thursday 1 June and she stresses again about Ranthu’s infidelity. Before Thandaza tells Ranthu what’s worrying her, she wants confirmation on Friday 2 June but it’s going to send her into a tailspin. Meanwhile, Ranthu is left to worry about his marriage, his wife and their future when Thandaza behaves strangely again on Monday 5 June, refusing to spill the beans to him.

Ranthu may not be as unhappy as Thandaza when the stranger’s identity is revealed on Friday 9 June. Chief Azwindini thinks that the elders are plotting against him and that an age-old secret will be exposed. Shonisani moves in with Mulimisi but she feels unsettled at his place, and Doctor Nthabeleng has a tempting work opportunity. Nonny lets go of her pride while dealing with new receptionist Bongi, and Thandaza is surprised by a gift from her hubby Ranthumeng.

Shoni and Mulimisi get crossed lines with their new living arrangements and Shoni takes over the home redecorating. Susan requests a DNA test but she and Azwindini may not be pleased about the results. Thandaza thinks that she’s got a female stalker and wants to call off her vow renewal with Ranthu, but she doesn’t say why. Later, Thandaza thinks that someone from her past is after her and she drops a bombshell: she wants to visit her brother Mfungelwa in jail.

Azwindini turns to the ancestors for help with his and Susan’s problem but he’s going to have a tough time meeting the ritual requirements. At the MMC offices, Nonny and Rendani get on each others nerves, and Ranthu is suspicious of Thandaza’s odd behaviour.