Damon (Craig Urbani) fled his flashy high-society wedding to Yvonne Thebe (Kgomotso Christopher) on Thursday 9 February with his reputation in tatters and his jilted bride weeping and gnashing her teeth in rage.

And the cops were hot on his heels thanks to some forged papers implicating him in a crooked arms deal that sneaky Siseko Langa (Hlomla Dandala), his rival for Yvonne’s heart, got Romeo (Hungani Ndlovu) to forge. All those business connections he’d invited to show off in front of gossiped up a storm and every media outlet in South Africa (including tvplus) revelled in the shocking story and pictures. But when Damon returns “huffing and puffing” on Wednesday 26 April, he puts family first. Craig reveals that “the first thing on his mind is to reconnect with Yvonne and his sister Layla (Natasha Sutherland)”.

Damon plays it smart to avoid having the door slammed in his face on Thurs-day 4 May. “He returns worried Damon’s in town and into his ex-fiancée’s bed. that he will find Yvonne in a heap on the floor pining for him. He bribes the hotel’s front desk and when she walks in, he’s lying on her bed, like, ‘Ta- dah!’” Craig laughs.

“She goes from shock, to excitement to see him too, to anger,” he adds. Battling his own guilt, Damon doesn’t realise how strangely subdued Yvonne’s response is. “Had she had a clean slate, she really would have milked that. But because she has things that she needs to make sure stay hidden, she might not make him pay as dearly as she might have,” hints Craig.

After he’s escaped Yvonne’s clutches, Damon tells Layla that he’s back in town to find out who framed him and why… and on Monday 8 May Damon confronts his first suspect. But he’s even more invested in fixing things with Layla and his nephew Quinton (Brighton Ngoma) – by investing in NFH. “It’s a good investment to regain his name as a good businessman, but he also sees it as an opportunity to clear his name with the people who matter,” says Craig.

If only Damon knew that his trust in at least one of those “people who matter” has been sadly misplaced…