Boity and her mom have a special bond as they often share on social media. They also look hot and age like fine wine. What do you do when your daughter is Boity? You sometimes raid her closet and not only get away with but might manage to look hotter than her in her own outfit. Mom stole my look! Boity vs Her Mom: who wore it better?

Who we choose to marry is one of the most important and costliest decisions a person will make, yet it’s not uncommon for lovers to make errors in judgment. Why does this happen? One reason is that most of us aren’t raised with a healthy template of marriage to follow. We also lack self-awareness and may be afraid of ending up alone

Here’s Boity back in 2016 rocking this gorgeous dress to a wedding.

Now in 2017 her mom wore the same dress to a wedding too

Boity always own her looks but her mama gave her a run for her own dress in this case. You know we have to ask, who do you think rocked this dress best?

5 questions to ask potential marital partners:

1. Who are their parents? Include questions about marital history, mental illness and substance abuse, etc.. Don’t shy away from asking questions now that may blindside you later. It’s better to be forewarned because some qualities have a genetic component.
2. What is their typical way of dealing with conflict? Don’t assume that your partner has good anger management skills. Does he/she usually take responsibility for his/her actions or blame someone else? Do they tend to stonewall or withdraw from conflict or see it as an opportunity for growth?
3. How does your partner feel about having children? How many children do they consider the best number if they want them? Do they believe that couples should share chores and childcare responsibilities?
4. What are their values and beliefs about infidelity?
5. What is their view of divorce? What would they consider a good solution to a period when your marriage is rocky?