Rapper K.O has spoken out about how shots at his character, health bill and music career have been motivated by "pure hate" and how they have left him with low morale.

K.O has gone through the most in the last year and the rapper took to Twitter to get it off his chest.
After waking up "feeling some type of way", the rapper shared that he really just wants to make music but he has observed that a lot of what he went through came from "pure hate" for him.
K.O went on to explain why he has been feeling like he is under attack. He mentioned the "fake news" about his HIV status, his alleged attempts to "sabotage" his own artists and the character "assassination" he has endured.

K.O said he's tired of the consequences of being misunderstood and the constant attempts to "kill" his musical efforts.

The rapper went on to explain his plan of action under all these circumstances and eventually thanked his "haters" for the 'love'.