If Detective Mondli (Thembinkosi Thwala) had hair, he’d be pulling it out on Thursday 25 May when the Mdletshe family suddenly all back off from their claims about charitable Nkunzi (Mhlongo Masoja Msiza) secretly being a murderous, ATM-bombing bad guy.

But Mxolisi (Nay Maps Maphalala) believes it might already be too late to save their lives when Nkunzi invites him to a “special” breakfast on Friday 26 May. Could things get any worse? Of course they can – thank you for asking! On Monday 29 May, Nkunzi proposes to Mxolisi’s mom MaNgcobo (Dawn Thandeka King) in front of her children and she blissfully accepts. They’re going to be one big, happy family… or else.

“Mxolisi has so much hate for Nkunzi now because he can see that this guy has ulterior motives,” says Nay. “He sees a lot of manipulation coming and a lot of pain. He’s being forced into an environment that he doesn’t like. And it’s very, very twisted.” On Tuesday 30 May, Mastermind (Ntokozo Dlamini) and Mxolisi put their heads together, desperate for a way to get rid of Mxolisi’s new “daddy”, unaware that Nkunzi is thinking along similar lines. That same day, Nkunzi assigns Mxolisi two tasks: reconcile with Nkunzi’s daughter Zekhethelo (Nyalleng Thibedi)… and kill his childhood friend Mastermind.

And the clock is ticking on Nkunzi’s patience. “He tells Mxolisi that if he doesn’t get back together with his daughter, he’s going to kill Nosipho and MaNgcobo,” reveals Nay. And Nkunzi adds yet another job on Thursday 1 June: murdering Mondli.

An appalled Mxolisi can see his future all too clearly in Nkunzi’s eyes. If he spills blood for this madman, it’s never going to wash off. “It’s quite clear to Mxolisi now that Nkunzi’s motives are just to destroy and to have his way. He doesn’t care about people. He feels like this guy is insane. He just wants to take over KwaMashu. Mxolisi is angry and shocked,” adds Nay. This entire mess prompts Mxolisi to take an incredibly dangerous step on Thursday 1 June and from that point forwards, while he is Nkunzi’s humble son-to-be on the outside, undercover he’s working for the cops in an effort to put his mom’s fiancĂ© behind bars where he belongs.

Mondli doesn’t realise how his attitude towards prostitutes is alienating Nosipho, and the choir gets upsetting news about the contest. Pastor Mdletshe confronts Mxolisi for lying to the cops about Nkunzi, and Mxolisi tries to convince the family that exposing Nkunzi would be a death sentence. Later, Thobile is accused of making up the rape after Mbhekiseni is released on bail.

Mastermind and Mxolisi plot against Nkunzi but Mxolisi urges Mastermind to leave town to save himself after MaNgcobo accepts Nkunzi’s proposal. Nosipho tries to tell Mondli how she fell into prostitution, and the church pressures Thobile to reconcile with Mbhekiseni – and she is on the verge of giving up when she stumbles on a shocking scene. Pastor Mdletshe finds out that Mxolisi’s working for the cops, and Nkunzi demands to know why Mastermind isn’t dead yet.

Thobile is arrested after her confrontation with Mbhekiseni leads to bloodshed, and MaNzuza wants to know what Pastor Mdletshe is hiding from her. Thobile’s friends await the outcome of her bail hearing. Mxolisi introduces Nkunzi to an undercover cop, and Mondli fits Mxolisi with a wire to record what Nkunzi says. Meanwhile, Nosipho prepares for a hot date with Mondli.