Sunday bachelorette was 27 year Kholiwe, she is a Sales Administrator. She was on the show to find a driven guy who is ready to commit.

The first hopeful was 29 year old Mbuyiselo from Soweto. He is a DJ & he was looking for an open minded woman who knows what she wants, he has been single for a whopping 3 months.

The date with his family went really well, they all got along like a house on fire & we were convinced that she would choose him.

The second hopeful was Zuko. He is a 31 year old Marketing Specialist from Midrand. He was looking for a girl he can connect with, "I want someone I can build a solid relationship with."

The date with his family was decent, Kholiwe connected well with them, she is very easy going and just like the first family, they also loved her, Zuko had an unfair advantage in the form of his famous sister Talitha Ndima on iGazi who was plugged in towards the end of the date with his family.

The last hopeful was Solly, he is a Train Control Operator. He enjoys going out & watching sports.

The date with his family was the most awkward, there was a disconnect between Kholiwe & his family and we weren't surprised when he was not chosen.

Kholiwe chose Zuko & they seemed to hit off, they had chemistry and we hope they make it official, social media users were happy with how the show ended, see some of the comments below.