Tonight's bachelor was 32 year old Aubrey from Witbank He is a construction businessman. 

Aubrey was looking for a woman who is fun to be with, "I want a career oriented woman who knows what she wants, she must not be controlling because I don't like being controlled."

The first hopeful looking for love was Palesa, she was looking for a man with a job, a car and a stable career, "I want a man who is ready to settle down, he must have things going on for him."

She looked very disappointed when she saw Aubrey and we were not surprised that he did not choose her because it was going to be a disaster.

The second hopeful looking for love was Lerato. She is a Photographer and an Events Coordinator. She was looking for a well mannered guy who dresses well, "I want a man who is stable, I do not care what he does for living."

The date with her family was the most authentic and Lerato seemed to like his personality.

The final hopeful looking for love was Nothando. She works as a Netball coach, she was looking for a man she can have fun with, "he must be darker than me, he must exercise and he should have respect."

The date with her family was pretty decent, her mom added an authentic touch to it and we enjoyed watching it. Nothando was the only bachelorette who really liked Aubrey and we were disapointed when he did not choose her.

Aubrey chose Lerato and although he was happy, Lerato did not feel the same about him, she said that there would be no second date.

Aubrey seemed a decent enough guy and made it through the interrogation sessions fairly well. Sadly, it wasn't enough to impress Twitter users, who flooded the social media site with hilarious memes and jokes about the bachelor.


One of his potential dates , Palesa, had a priceless reaction to seeing Aubrey for the first time.

Even the date he chose, Lerato, admitted that the chances of Aubrey getting a second date were slim to none.