Kwaito star and rape accused Brickz's life of threesomes was laid bare during cross examination of his wife Nqobile Ndlovu at the Roodepoort Magistrates Court on Friday.

Brickz stands accused of raping a 17-year-old in 2013 at his home in Ruimsig.
Nqobile assisted the victim to open the charge against her husband.
The shocking details, which took the court audience by surprise, include how Brickz, whose real name is Sipho Charles Ndlovu, booked a prostitute through a website as a birthday gift for his wife.
Brickz, his wife and the escort girl had a threesome that lasted an hour at their house in Ruimsig, Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg.
Nqobile shocked the courtroom when she said she had no problem with Brickz cheating on her, as long as he was doing it in her presence.
She told the court that she even allowed the Sweety My Baby hitmaker to sleep with her friend on a number of occasions "to make sure that he does not go out to other women without my presence".
All this, she said, was because she knew that Brickz was a ladies man when they started dating and she was also privy to details that led to the collapse of his first marriage.
However, Nqobile did not reveal the name of her friend to the court.
Nqobile, who was under oath, said Brickz was divorced by his previous wife because he had impregnated two women at the same time out of wedlock.
About her threesome with her friend, she said: "I was cooking in the kitchen and they were in the lounge busy. So I let them be and I later took off my clothes to join them because I also had sexual desires."
Brickz's lawyer Dumisani Mabunda also pointed to Nqobile that all the threesomes happened with her permission and that she was not forced to participate in them, which she confirmed.
Mabunda said Nqobile was the one who called other parties to join in on the sex orgies.
Nqobile explained that her decision was informed by the fact that when she and Brickz started dating, they had only dated for a few months before they moved in together.
"When I took him in, I knew that he was a ladies man. But I took him because I loved him. I understood that his previous marriage had collapsed because he had impregnated two women at the same time.
"So I thought allowing him to have sexual intercourse with other women in my presence will save my marriage. I wanted my marriage to be different to make sure he does not go away," she said.
She said the threesome with a prostitute happened on her birthday in December 2012.
"The accused gave me a website and said I should choose a woman as my birthday present. I did choose and the lady came to join us for an hour," Nqobile explained.
She also revealed that at times Brickz took her to a number of houses where there would be a lot women to join them in their orgies.
Mabunda told the court he was bringing the issues to the court to prove that the state witness was not a responsible and honest person and "had no morals".
He also told the court that Nqobile had warned Brickz that "she will get back at him a number of times during an argument" and he accused her of fabricating the whole charges "as a way of getting back at the accused".
However, Nqobile told the court she never had intentions of opening the charge against Brickz, and said "the decision was a last resort after we took the victim for counselling in church and to social workers at my workplace".
She said she never judged Brickz for the matter, but she wanted to help the child.
"I want the court to be the one to decide if it's true," she said.
She admitted that she still loved Brickz and said he had begged her several times that they should get back together, even during the rape case.
"He begged me the whole of 2014 that I take him back, and I accepted him," she said.
This she said when she was told by the defence that when she opened the case, her marriage with Brickz was on the rocks.
Nqobile told the court that she and Brickz did not break up because of the case.
Mabunda told the court that Nqobile withheld information about her recent pregnancy with the accused's child to the court.
Nqobile said: "I never thought that my personal life was relevant to the case at the time."
The case continues .