Norma Gigaba has faced the wrath of public scrutiny for the past week after her interview with ENCA. As it cooled off, Buhle Mkize added fuel to the fire by calling out Mrs Gigaba. It seems however a lot had been on Norma’s mind prior to doing the interview. “Betrayal is the most painful thing,” Norma Gigaba pours her heart.

Norma opened up about betrayal on her Instagram two weeks ago sharing how she overcame it in hopes to inspire her followers. “Betrayal is the most painful thing and it takes one the longest time to heal and to be able to trust again,” she wrote.

The Minister of Fiance’s wife advised her followers not to allow the hurt from betrayal to build a wall with people they love or become bitter. “No matter how painful it is but don’t build wall between you and loving people again. Don’t be bitter or stop loving because you are scared you might be betrayed again,” she shared.

Norma is however now more careful with what she shares and who she shares it with. “Don’t carry that pain around you, close the chapter and move on but be very careful. Continue to love without sharing personal information. Don’t be tempted to expose yourself and your family too much to the world even if it means those people are in your space 24/7, ” she wrote.

According to Mrs Gigabyte, it’s people close to you who you should be more careful and watch out for. “Always put in mind that not every listening ear is a caring ear and betrayal never comes from far. Be careful of close sources to avoid disappointments.”