A-LIST celeb Brenda Ngxoli has swapped city life for the “freedom” that comes with farm ownership.

“People can say what they like, but I don’t owe any bank here.

“I’ve built my home from scratch and, for me to work in Jozi while I’m here at home, is great.

“It’s peaceful and financially stable,” the internationally-acclaimed actress, nominated for an Emmy Award in 2007.

“Look, you can stay in Sandton and live that posh life.

“But when you lose your job and can’t pay your bills, the bank will repossess its cars and houses. I don’t want that.”

The renowned Eastern Cape-born actress, who’s starred in several local dramas and played Vuyo in the SABC1 telenova Home Affairs, said she really wanted to give rural life a “good” go.

Brenda hoped her recent move back to Tsomo in the Eastern Cape would inspire young people to consider investing their hard-earned money in farms.

Said Brenda: “It’s better to invest here than in big cities.

“Not only is there ample space, but you get to enjoy your privacy.

“I love it here. I’m at peace. In fact, this year alone, I haven’t bothered to buy meat.

“If I want some, I slaughter a cow, goat or a chicken. I have it all!

“I have big land to plant and have learnt a lot in a small space of time about farming.

“In fact, I don’t like to call it farming, but prefer to refer to it as sustainable living and homesteading.

“I do everything I want here, without having to worry about owing some bank or landlord.”

According to Brenda, big cities were designed to put pressure on rural people to go to them, so they would empower owners.

“I just don’t believe in that system,” she said.