Twitter went crazy over Norma Gigaba’s interview on ENCA this past weekend. In the interview Norma shared about her involvement in her husband’s work and how she dealt with Minister Gigaba’s affair. Now not a day after it cooled down, the woman in the centre of the scandal, Buhle Mkize has gone on a twitter rant telling her side of the story on everything Mrs Gigaba spoke about in the interview. 9 Things Buhle Mkize Revealed In Her Twitter Rant Against The Gigabas.

Here’s what Buhle Mkize is saying now.

1. She wasn’t selling her body

2. She and Norma have something in common, their English accents

3. She didn’t ruin their honeymoon

4. More files

5. Apparently Minister Gigaba has dreams of becoming the President

6. Buhle says she was the one being harassed by Mrs Gigabyte

7. Buhle questions Norma’s level of education

8. Buhle suggests black twitter investigates more on the tenders

9. She never saw a future with Minister Gigaba