WHEN days passed by without Asanda Mbuyazi (20) returning home after she left with her baby daddy last Sunday, her family began to panic.
Their panic proved to be well founded when police told them on Saturday that Asanda’s lifeless body had been found by a cattle headman.
Now the Mbuyazi family from Enhlabeni Village in KwaMbonambi, north of KZN say they want the police to look for the suspect and lock him up for a very long time.
The aunt of the dead woman, Lindiwe Mashinini (44), told Daily Sun that the suspect has allegedly caused them double pain, because not only have they lost a loved one, but are also left with the burden of raising a small baby.
“Their baby is only five months old and the only person who is left at home is my mother, who is 99 years old. She is not going to be able to look after this child while I am at work,” said Lindiwe.
She said they began to worry on Monday. They went to the home of the baby daddy, where his parents said he became very angry on Sunday and never returned home.
“They told us that they saw him burning all his belongings before leaving without saying anything. They were worried too when we told them that he came to our house and asked to see Asanda,” said Lindiwe.
She said that the baby daddy allegedly asked a child from Asanda’s neighbour to call her on his behalf.
Lindiwe said the child never told Asanda who was calling her at the gate. “If she’d known, she wouldn’t have gone there.”
KZN police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said: “The suspect is still on the run but we hope to arrest him soon. KwaMbonambi cops are investigating a case of murder.”