Well, this is exactly what YouTuber Jake Mitchell did at his nearby McDonald's.

In an hilarious attempt to see if the McDonald's Monopoly game was fixed or not, the YouTuber and a few of his friends set out to a busy Drive Thru and placed their hefty order. After warning the fast-food chain that a large order would be placed, they agreed to the order.

Jake started his order with 200 medium fries. The server responded: “Sorry what’s that? Sorry is that serious or…?” After speaking to the manager, the boys started carrying their large order to the car and then proceeded to load the car with the fast food boxes.

At stake with the McDonald's Monopoly game promotion is a whopping £100,000. Unfortunately, after all the effort, they did not win the big prize. Instead, the mixed bag of prizes included; a warm apple pie, four 6×4 photo books, a regular McCafe hot drink, a McDonald’s meal, a £10 discount from a Red Letter Days experience, and a sugared doughnut or chocolate muffin.

Watch the immense effort below:

Are you willing to go through so much effort in order to hopefully win £100,000?