IT WAS always Nozipho Kula’s dream to be married by the age of 40.

When her 40th birthday arrived this year, she decided to pay her own lobola to make her dream come true. However, her plan backfired – today she’s still unmarried and R100 000 poorer!

Nozipho, from Ntlekisa Village in Mthatha, Eastern Cape gave the money to her unemployed Ben 10 to buy cows.

But the boyfriend, Sihle Ngweba (30), ended up running away with his boyfriend, and most of the money.

Nozipho told Daily Sun: “I met him last year and he agreed to get married. I gave him cash to buy 20 cows but he ended up sending three sick cows to my family.

“On Tuesday he sent an SMS saying he had become gay and was going on holiday with his boyfriend. I have lost all my life savings. I tried to open a case at the police station but cops said they couldn’t do anything as I’d given him the cash voluntarily.”

Nozipho’s father, Sydwel Kula, said his family was embarrassed by what had happened.

“I invited the whole village to witness the lobola ceremony as my daughter said there would be many cows, expensive brandy and other gifts. Only three thin cows arrived and instead of brandy we got Oros and a bucket of umqombothi,” he said.

When contacted for comment, Sihle denied lying to Nozipho.

“I have always been a gay man but when she offered me that huge amount of money I couldn’t resist. I’m going on holiday to Mozambique with my boyfriend of five years,” he said.

“I don’t owe Nozipho anything. She’s a bully who made me poke her more than three times a day.”

Warrant Officer Khwezi Njemla said Nozipho should go to the Small Claims Court.