Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has been Miss South Africa for a few weeks but there is already drama

According to a report published by Sowetan, at least 15 semi finalists and finalists have come forward alleging that the 2017 Miss South Africa competition was rigged in Nel-Peters's favour.

The girls allege that Demi had a had a personal trainer, a grooming expert, sponsored make-up lessons, preferential treatment during charity visits and had a personal relationship with some of the judges of the pageant.

Everyone on Twitter made fun of Iman Mkhwanazi's apparent disappointment at not making it further into the competition but perhaps this is what she was unhappy about?

Viewers also questioned how Iman and Odirile didn't make it into the top 5 as well as why Boipelo didn't rank higher in the final standings.

We guess this answers some of your questions.

Nel-Peters (along with the trainer and judges) has denied the claims, stating "it was a competition and I wish that everyone could understand that it was just a competition where everyone had an equal opportunity at winning. Usain Bolt has a trainer to help him advance at the Olympics, and it is never a problem when Wayde Van Niekerk has his own personal trainer. So why is it a problem with me now?"

Former Miss SA Melinda Bam also chimed in, adding that she went through the same thing the year that she was crowned.

"It's always the case and it was the same with me too because when I was crowned there were 11 other girls who were nasty to me ... they said I should be disqualified because I am a former FHM model. It is just sad that some of these girls will not accept that they have not been crowned," said Bam.

This story is getting messy! What do you guys think? Are the girls who came forward justified by airing their grievances now or it is just a case of jealously?