The production house that promised to bring you 'Real Housewives of Jozi' and brought you 'Take Me Out SA', Tigere Media, is currently wanted by the SABC for defaulting on a R912,000 credit extension.

At the time, the company was only a few months old and the credit was granted in the form of airtime on SABC 1 during Hlaudi Motsoeneng's tenure.

Although 'Take Me Out SA' was relatively popular amongst local youth, Tigere Media failed to pay the SABC back so they disappeared.. or went on the run...

The SABC then initiated legal action in order to recover the money but could not go through with their case at the South Gauteng High Court in Joburg in 2015, because the sheriff of the court could not locate the address of the company according to Sunday World.

The public broadcaster then dropped the lawsuit in 2016 but now that things aren't so great (financially speaking), they have no choice but to track down the company and get their money.

Tigere Media is owned by brothers named Atwell and Archibold, who are believed to have last been seen in 2015 which was around the same time production stopped on their show 'The Real Housewives of Jozi.' It was also around this time that the SABC let them know that they were in breach of the credit facility and at risk of default.

If the SABC had done a credit check against the directors of the company (as they should have, but didn't), they would have known that "one of the directors of the company had default judgments against him effected by Investec Bank in 2012" reports Sunday World.


We will be following this story and we'll update you as it develops.

Sidenote: Following licensing issues with the American 'Real Housewives' franchise as well as Tigere Media's apparent financial troubles, 'Real Housewives of Jozi' was later given to a different production house who repackaged it as SABC 3's 'Divas of Jozi.' Apart from the name change, there was on noticeable difference in that Sonia Sedibe (formerly Mbele) was also no longer part of the cast and production team following her own dispute with the Tigere brothers.

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