In another twist to communist sentiment on President Jacob Zuma‚ the SACP in the Gauteng Province says it will not be supporting the EFF and DA anti-Zuma marches on Wednesday as the two opposition parties are “bourgeois”.

“We believe that the DA-EFF right-wing has no moral standing and integrity to protest tomorrow as they are standing on the racist shoulders of the empress and queen of colonialism‚ Madam 'Godzille' (Helen Zille)‚” said SACP provincial secretary Jacob Mamabolo.

The SACP held a special provincial council over the weekend and resolved that Zuma must resign for “plunging the economy” and the controversial reshuffling of cabinet.

Instead of supporting the march in Pretoria on Wednesday‚ Mamabolo told reporters in Johannesburg that the party would be holding a picket at National Treasury on April 21 after their march was declared illegal by the City of Tshwane.

Mamabolo said the party was in no way supportive of political marches planned for Wednesday. "We decided to picket and not protest to avoid National Treasury's sabotage of out protest march‚" said Mamabolo.

As the provincial secretary‚ Mamabolo said SACP‚ ANC members of parliament could not be told how to sway their votes in the vote of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma next week.

"We can't tell SACP comrades deployed in other fraternities how to behave. Those are internal issues the members will deal with there‚" said Mamabolo.

He added that the SACP should not be drawn into the motion of no confidence matter.