The South African Communist Party in Gauteng has postponed its march in Pretoria on Friday to National Treasury after the City of Tshwane deemed it illegal.

The march is now planned to take place in two weeks.

"This follows a correspondence received from the City of Tshwane declaring our march illegal based on clear directive it received from National Treasury which strangely refused to receive our memorandum of demands.

Having considered all the options‚ we have since decided not to defy but to abide‚" said Jacob Mamabolo‚ the party's provincial secretary.

Mambolo said they were deeply shocked by the collaboration between National Treasury and the DA controlled city of Tshwane for attacking their constitutional right to march.

"This will not deter us from intensifying our struggle against rampant corruption‚ day light theft and unashamed looting and corporate capture of the state by a parasitic network of corrupt elements‚" said Mamabolo.

Some SACP members are expected to join other groups protesting in Pretoria.

The Save South Africa march to the Union Buildings will go ahead on Friday after allegedly being prohibited.

Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga said “disgruntled law enforcement agents”‚ in the Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department and SAPS‚ had tried to block the march

This was after Save SA successfully applied to the Chief Magistrate of Pretoria on Thursday for permission to hold its march to the Union Buildings.

Civil action organisation OUTA encouraged Gauteng citizens to show solidarity and join at Church Square in Pretoria on Friday morning where civil society leaders will address people before marching to the Union Buildings.

"The picture of thousands of citizens with placards protesting in Chruch Square against Zuma’s regime will send a strong message to the ruling party that the nation will not back off on this issue‚” said Wayne Duvenage‚ OUTA’s chairperson.