Rapper Kendrick Lamar debuted his new single “Humble” last week with an extravagant music video, which majority of people praised. However, there has been major backlash from some 'feminists' who are unhappy with Kendrick’s lyrics in the second verse of “Humble.” In the verse he said..
“I’m so f*cking sick and tired of the Photoshop/Show me something natural like afro on Richard Pryor/Show me something natural like a*s with some stretch marks.”
In the video, he featured a woman with her natural hair, no weave, no makeup and she had stretch marks showing.

The feminists expressed outrage over on social media, noting that Kendrick was putting down a segment of females in an attempt to uplift others. One Twitter user wrote:

“Yal know I love Kendrick & Humble is ah-mazing. BUT that man is hella problematic when it’s comes to women. More specifically Black Women,” .

Quite a few of the feminists called Kendrick a misogynist, claiming that Kendrick’s misogyny is just as harmful as the more blatant examples heard in hip-hop.

“You guys just can’t handle that people (namely women) don’t like Kendrick despite his benevolent, incense coated misogyny,” another Twitter user said.
The video has been viewed  28,274,294 views times.

Read some of the tweets below: