Opposition parties are calling for a rolling mass action campaign in solidarity with the #ZumaMustFall movement‚ starting with a march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday.

A joint media conference was held in Pretoria by leadership from the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)‚ African Independent Congress (AIC)‚ Africa People's Convention (APC)‚ Congress of the People (COPE)‚ Agang SA‚ Democratic Alliance (DA)‚ Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)‚ Inkatha Freedom Fighters (IFP)‚ and the United Democratic Movement (UDM).
"We are going to roll a mass action towards the 2019 elections. It's not about the EFF‚ it's because we love SA. If you love SA‚ Zuma must leave now‚" said EFF leader Julius Malema.
Despite some leaders of the ANC claiming the recent credit downgrades will not affect most South Africans‚ the EFF leader said that the "leadership must not take advantage of people not knowing what a junk status means".
He suggested that whites were bound to react quicker to the downgrades than the black majority due to historical and educational disparities.
"Black people were denied education and may not understand what a junk status is. Once borrowing becomes expensive‚ bread becomes expensive. To say it in practical terms‚ what does this mean to a person who stays in a shack who wants to own a house in the future? "Malema said.
UDM leader Bantu Holomisa took aim at the controversial Cabinet shakeup late last month‚ saying it "started a domino effect‚ with the rand tanking‚ SA's downgrading by two ratings agencies‚ as well as the downgrading of some banks and Eskom".
According to Holomisa‚ "junk status" makes SA an unsafe investment destination.
Addressing the suspected influence of the Gupta family in the president's dealings‚ Holomisa remarked that the reshuffle reflected that the president had been bought by the highest bidder and that SA was being run from Saxonwold.
The parties plan to engage in various activities such as the "national day of action" over the coming days‚ weeks and months towards a common cause - the removal of Jacob Zuma.
The leaders also said the National Freedom Party had sent word earlier on Monday that they would be joining Wednesday’s march.
Source: timeslive