Nasty C's Good Girls and Don't Do It music videos were disqualified from this year's awards after they were found to have not been aired by broadcasters during the specified entry period dictated by the rules of the SAMAs.

In the wake of the news, many have pointed fingers at Nasty C's management at Mabala Noise, accusing them of not doing enough to ensure that the videos was eligible for selection.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Mabala Noise spokesperson Mhlo Gumede insists that the company was not to blame for the mix-up.

"Mabala Noise is one hundred percent not to blame. We did everything by the book. We submitted on time and did not think that there would be any issues. The blame is squarely at RiSA who did not do the correct checks and balances. They have acknowledged their fault and we accept it," he said.

He said that the label was not upset with the organisers and planned to submit the videos for consideration next year.

"If we had the chance to go back we would have not submitted the videos. We would have kept and worked on them a little more rather than submit them (for consideration). Anyways, we released it for the fans and not for any awards," he added.

Mhlo said that he had spoken to Nasty C and the rapper was not upset by the disqualifications.

"He is a talented boy who just loves making music. He doesn't worry about these things. He is also not upset because he realises that it was human error and it was beyond his control," Mhlo said.

As news of the disqualification spread, many fans took to social media to claim that Mabala Noise were ruining Nasty C's career.

Mhlo responded to this by labelling the users "empty cans making a lot of noise".

"When Nasty C wasn't winning anything, no one complained. But when he started winning awards, suddenly people were saying that we had bought trophies and were polluting the industry. We are not ruining his career; we are building it. They are jealous and will always try to overshadow his success," Mhlo said.