KWAITO star, Winnie Khumalo, is allegedly in a tug of war with Poppy Khumalo (23) of Protea Glen in Soweto – over a paternity test!

Poppy is the mother of Winnie’s grandson.

According to reliable sources close to Poppy, Winnie wants DNA tests done on the child to prove that her son Thando (25) is not the father.
Winnie Khumalo,
Thando Khumalo

Poppy Khumalo

Several well-placed sources told Sunday Sun that Winnie demanded DNA tests on the child because she didn’t trust Poppy.

A person who knows the Khumalo family well told the people’s Paper: “This is so sad. Winnie is supposed to be a role model, a loving gogo, and not do this to her own grandchild.

“That child is innocent and Thando is not disputing that he’s the father.

“The only person who has a problem with Poppy is Winnie, and she’s taking it out on the poor child,” the source said.

Another source alleged: “What’s going on here is totally wrong. The child is suffering, and Thando last supported the child in December. Poppy is battling to buy nappies and milk for the child because she is unemployed.

“Winnie is doing all of this because she’s trying to please Thando's new girlfriend,” said the insider.

The mole further alleged: “Winnie wants Thando to marry that chick and that’s why she’s disputing the child’s paternity. This is unfair.”

A third source who is a neighbour claims that Thando is very scared of his “bullish” mum, then added: “Poppy took the child to visit Thando.

“When she was there, Winnie began looking for a creche for the child, without consulting Poppy. This angered Poppy, who went there and took her child away.

“After that, Winnie and her lawyers sent Poppy a letter demanding that a DNA test should be conducted if she wanted to prove that her child was fathered by

Thando Khumalo,” the source said.

Poppy confirmed having a child with Thando and the demand for a DNA test. But she refused to give Sunday Sun a comment on the matter.

Another source said: “Winnie wants a DNA test, but Poppy refused on the grounds that the baby’s daddy knows the truth. She told me she won’t do it because that would be ‘like a whore’.”

Despite several calls, both Winnie and Thando were not available for comment