We were first introduced to the guys from the Ubunifu Space a few weeks ago when local rapper Riky Rick shared a video of them hilariously reacting to the Gemini Major track, Ragga Ragga (which Riky features on).

The group seemed pretty impressed by the track so they asked South African viewers to suggest which other tracks they would like them to check out in future. And they listened!

The guys from the Ubunifu Space have since checked out DJ Citi Lyts' Vura Featuring. Saudi and Sjava
And Nasty C's NDA, which they think is "very American" 
But the best reaction of them all has to be this reaction to the Tito Mboweni video! Even the part where the dude struggles to pronounce "Mboweni" (after hearing Cassper say it 100 times) is priceless. He also really seems to have reacted like every other South African man when he saw Queen Twerk's booty for the first time.

We love seeing local music reach so far but we can't help but feel as though these kids would love the music so much more if they understood what it meant.

Even though Sjava's hook on Vura is catchy AF for the Ubunifu vloggers, we KNOW they'd love it even more if they got it translated by someone who knows what it means.

We hope to see more videos like this from more vloggers all over the world. It's about time they recognize SA music (yes, even Tito Mboweni).