iGazi season 2 has brought a lot of excitement for viewers who have been patiently waiting for the show to return and with a season 2 set to air this Sunday we have no doubt that iGazi is about to real interesting.

With our favourite villains Scotho and Nomarusia returning to the small screens it is without a doubt that Sunday is about to get lit!

With shows like iSthunzi, Lock Down and Papa Papa Penny no longer airing, the return of iGazi is just what we needed and by simply watching the trailer, we're convinced that viewers are about

to be taken on a gut-wrenching ride.

We've really missed Nomarussia and her overly exaggerated make-up.

“People who really know me have called and suggested that I not go out, after a particularly hectic episode because they think people are going to be angry at me. But what I found is that people get surprised when they see me. They say I look totally different from my character if anything people applaud me for the character I play. Thankfully I haven’t met viewers who are not impressed with my character.” Said Vatiswa

Welcome back Nomarussia your presence has been greatly missed.