WHEN Mustafa Muhammad called security to handle five women shoplifting from his grocery store, everyone was shocked by what came out from under their skirts.

Out of their panties came tins of baby formula, soap, red meat and sausages!

The 49-year-old shopkeeper told Daily Sun he called security at Thulamahashe Shopping Complex near Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga after seeing five women stuffing groceries into their panties on Friday afternoon.

“These women have been coming into the shop every day and they always left without buying anything.

“This time I decided to watch them closely.

“I was shocked when I saw them stuffing the groceries into their panties.

“They stuffed enough in there to fill a small trolley.”

Mustafa called mall security, who stopped the women just as they were about to leave the shop.

One of them lifted her skirt, revealing her punani, while the other four fled into a clothing shop.

Foster Khumalo, the mall’s security supervisor, said they also recovered clothes stolen from various shops.

The total value of goods recovered was R10 000.

Police spokeswoman Captain Duduzile Phiri said the women were set free because none of the affected shops opened a case.