Enhle Mbali and her husband Black Coffee are viewed as the ultimate “couple goals” by many but for the actress, they are just living their lives the way they planned it many years ago. “Everything that is happening, we prayed for 7 years ago,” Enhle on Black Coffee’s success.

In a recent interview Enhle revealed that she doesn’t view her marriage as an “IT” relationship. “We have never tried to be the “it” couple. We simply fell in love seven years ago and never looked back. To me, he is the same as he has always been and I think he will say the same about me. Our relationship has never changed,” she said.

On her husband taking over the world, Enhle says there are no surprises as it was all part of their vision. “I have never been surprised by what he has done. We sat down about seven years ago, when we first met, and discussed our goals. We prayed for our goals. Everything he has achieved we prayed for, as a couple, a few years ago,” she said.

“Now when anything happens, people will congratulate us but I’m like; ‘we have been praying for this.”