Since the announcement of Nasty C's video disqualification at the SAMA's Dr Maling has been going in on the young rapper.

The feud between the two artists began when Dr Malinga in March tweeted about Nasty C hoarding things that did not belong to him.

That particular tweet was a response to the alleged buying of awards by Nasty C's record company, Mabala Noise, a claim which the record company has since denied.

Since that particular tweet, Nasty C and Dr Malinga have never seen eye to eye.

The dust that was caused by the feud has since settled, but resumed again once Nasty C's videos were disqualified from the SAMAs.

Dr Malinga's pettiness was on 100 today as he retweeted all publications who reported on the news about the disqualification.

Just when we thought Dr Malinga was done being petty for the day he posted this video inviting people to his party, but those who have been disqualified cannot attend his party, a clear jab at Nasty C.

In the video he also mentions something about 4:00am

The mention of time is in reference to Nasty C's Instagram video response to Dr Malinga's tweet about him hoarding stuff. Nasty C had initially remained silent about Dr Malinga's comment until earlier that morning when he posted up an Instagram video which he has since deleted.

In the video, Nasty C called Dr Malinga a 103-year-old man who wears green shorts that go up to his man boobs and that he had woken up early in the morning at 4:00 am to do a video for his fans and to not wake up to old people taunting him.

There's never a dull week in the entertainment industry.