Haai, but guys! DJ Sbu played an epic April Fool's joke and it seems like it wasn't just some of his fans who fell for it.

Sbu told his fans via a message on Instagram that he had sold a 26% stake of MoFaya to Coca-Cola for a whopping R493-million.

Except, obvs it was a joke. Besides Sbu previously admitting that he hasn't made a cent with the energy drink, alarm bells in the form of the amount of cash and the fact that it was 1 April should have alerted fans.

It did, but some former friends and even ex-girlfriends fell for the news.

He shared a screengrab of a message he received from a former friend saying he owed him cash. He later deleted the post, but not before he took shots at his so-called friends and ex-girlfriends for suddenly appearing out of the dark when there was money involved.