Tonight's bachelor is 22 year old Helicopter Pilot, Sibonakeliso Ntshangase, he is looking for a woman that loves herself, is smart as well as beautiful. He lists being a helicopter pilot as one of the things that make him a great catch.

The first hopeful seeking a date was 23 year old Isabel, she is an intern at a logistic company. She loves reading, watching movies and singing in the church choir.

Isabel was looking for a fun, sweet & goal driven guy. The date with her family was okay, everyone seemed to get along, Sibo was engaging, he was interested in finding out more about her, so all in all it was a pretty decent date, it could have been a little more interesting because it was very monotonous.

The second bachelorette was Precious, a 24 year old Human Resources student. She was looking for an outgoing man that knows what he wants, like most people, lying is a deal breaker for her, she like a man with a bit of an edge, she went on to say, " I want a little bit of bad in guy", whatever that means.

The final bachelorette was Nadine from Tembisa, she was looking for a fun guy who is ready for a relationship, the date with her family was the most epic of the other three, we were on on the floor with laughter with some of the questions her friends asked Sibonakeliso, it was hilarious to watch & Sibo took it like a champ. We feel super bad for Nadine because her friends did no respresent her well.

He chose Precious and they seemed to hit off, they were both very happy with each other and we wish them the best.