Celebrities are just like the rest of us, they feud and get into altercations. Some of these altercations have been solved and some have not.
Let's take a look at the celebrity feuds you might have forgotten.
AKA  and Cassper

Pearl Thusi & Bonang Matheba

What happened: These two have had a long standing feud, according to the streets, their feud began when Bonang snatched the Revlon deal from Pearl Thusi. 

Their feud took a turn for the worst when Bonang allegedly took pictures of walls when Pearl asked her to take pictures of her and Pharrell Williams in London.

It became hectic when Pearl started shaming Bonang for allegedly stealing AKA from her bestie, DJ Zinhle.

Euphonik & Bonang
What happened: These two had a tumultuous relationship with accusations of abuse & cheating every other week. The two eventually ended their relationship but Euphonik keeps dragging his ex on Twitter.

The Kani's & Mdoda Sisters 
What happened: Thembisa and Atandwa were once a happy couple, but after allegations of cheating and paternity drama, the pair separated but that did not stop them from fighting on social media for the whole world to see.

Kuli Roberts vs Lerato Kganyago 
What happened: Kuli Roberts called Lerato Kganyago a random black on V Entertainment, Lerato responded by calling her an "old raisin."

Dineo Ranaka & Nonhle Thema
What happened: This feud happened during Nonhle Thema's fall from grace, she said something about YFM DJ's and Dineo took offence. It was so bad but entertaining to watch.