Zahara's close friend and mentor DJ Sbu has hailed the star's upcoming international deal with Universal Music in London as a defining moment for both her and the nation.

Zahara, who owns her own record label Zahara Army, is set to meet with Universal London on Monday to iron out details of a deal that could see the star and her record label introduced overseas.

"I will be meeting with them to discuss the deal, how we can work with them, and what they can do to move me and my artists' career forward," Zahara told TshisaLIVE.

She revealed that she was not planning to move overseas just yet but would be staying in London for three months later this year while she tours the UK.

The deal has brought a lot of excitement to Zahara and those close to her. Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the musician's friend and mentor DJ Sbu said that he was proud of Zahara and believed that she should be celebrated.

"I want her to grow and she can do that internationally. She is an international artist already but she is only going to get bigger. This is her Trevor Noah moment. This is her Black Coffee moment. We are always exporting talent and I honestly believe that Zahara is our next big star to make it on the international stage.

"I want her to know how incredibly proud I am of her and how she has captured all of our hearts. I have every confidence in her and her ability to not only grow herself but also those who will be signed to her record label," Sbu said.

The deal comes just three months after Zahara parted ways with TS records, after six years with the label.

"There was no bad blood between me and (TS Records owner) Bhuti TK. I see him as a father and I hope to work with them in the future. The way I see it, when you teach a child, you become happy when she stands up on her own. I hope that they will be proud of me and all that I am doing," Zahara said.