Skolopad, as she is affectionately known in entertainment circles, claims she has been raped twice.

Qwabe, 33, said she was first raped in 2008 in her hometown in Qwa-Qwa, Free State.

"We were coming back from the hospital with a friend. She managed to get away and the guy caught me," she said.

She told Sunday World she reported the assault at the Mokodumela police station but later dropped charges.

"I dropped the charges because I had started working. I wanted to focus on my job without any distraction," she said.

Qwabe said she was gang-raped last year by three men in Bethlehem when she was walking home from work.

She said she did not report the matter to the police because "I don't trust them".

"I don't like the police, they are useless. My house has been broken into so many times, they do nothing about it."

The club DJ and singer claimed the men who gang raped her were sent by her bitter ex-boyfriend.

On neither occasion was she wearing anything revealing.

Qwabe said being a rape victim will not stop her from wearing revealing clothes.

She revealed that although she was twice victimised , she does not have a problem with men - she still sleeps with them even though she does not have a boyfriend.

"People think because I was raped I don't sleep with men. I actually do. A lot. I don't have to hate men or sex after those incidents. I sleep mostly with Nigerians or white men.

"I come to Joburg often and that's where I meet the men I sleep with," she said.

Asked if she gets financial favours from the men she sleeps with, she said she did not need their money as she had a job.

Qwabe said her dream of becoming a journalist or presenter on TV were dashed after she read about journalists who were dying on duty in Iraq after the US invasion of that country. She said she found the news discouraging.

"I tried many times to be on TV by coming to auditions but I always failed," she said.