Y’all better leave Nasty C alone if you want peace with Ntsiki Mazwai. The social media star came to the young rapper’s defense over claims his awards were bought by his record label. Ntsiki Mazwai defends Nasty C on ‘bought awards’ drama.

Ntsiki is not entirely suggesting Nasty C didn’t buy his Awards, she’s saying he is not the first. “what makes u think nasty c is the only one in possession of bought awards and yo faves? I don’t know why y’all acting like nasty c is the first to get bought awards,” Ntsiki tweeted.

The subtle shade is real!

Ntsiki might think Nasty C’s Awards were bought but she also thinks he’s adorable and cute. “Ncoh this nasty c is so adorable so cute with that baby face,” she tweeted.